Monday, 16 June 2014

What I reallyyyyyyyyyyyy want!

Before I had my baby, I was lost…though I lived a life envied by most (a good job, great apartment, nice car, weekend hangouts and interesting friends)…I was still frustrated….(that feeling of not being complete), Scared (that I may die alone)... Unsure (is this is what life was all about)….Anxious (to get some fire back into my life)…Trapped (in what seemed like a monotonous routine)…Unfulfilled (thinking that there really has to be something else out there for me)…..Smothered by society’s expectations (get married or die trying). I just didn't have a clue what I wanted to do with my life.

Now that I have my baby, it leads me to answer this…What do I really want?

Hmmm I am not sure I have the answer….Who does? But I will try and answer as honest as here goes…….

ROLE MODEL: I want to be able to live a role model life for my baby teaching her the things that really matter – Obedience to God’s words, God’s love and showing kindness to everyone

PRAY: I want to be able to pray without ceasing thanking God for what I have and what He is about to do

HEALTHY: I want to be healthy (and my daughter healthy too), happy enough to dance with joy all the time with  a sound mind to understand things around me

LOVE: I want to be loved and showed forth with pride and respect (preferably by a man if not…person no go die)

KISS: I want to be kissed in the rain and protected from its cold

MONEY: I want to have enough to provide for my family and go on vacations (Yeah though I don’t have to be Bill Gates daughter to be happy, I want to have more than I can spend)

CAREER: I want to do my job with fulfilment (not feeling like I am being used)

HOME: I want to come back daily to a warm, comfortable abode filled with niceties and most importantly people I love.

SMILE: I want to have a million reasons to smile daily.

BLESSING: I want to be able be a blessing to others and attract blessings when the need arises

SEXY: I want to wake up every morning feeling sexier and more desirable than the day before

YOUNG: I want to die young as late as possible

So there ….those are a few (12) of my teeny weeny wishes and desires…and to achieve them, I take baby steps today to write them down as reminders (you can take my cue and write yours too...please share) and to focus on the positives…everything else will fall in place! 

C’est la vie!!!


  1. I love it, I should draw mine.. But u got me lauging on that love part *person no go die*. May God grant u all, Amen!

  2. Me too. I love it. Well done girl