Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My Lesbian Story

With the hullaballoo around the transgender – Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner story, there is an increased wave of “coming outs”…people who hitherto did not have the guts to accept their sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual etc.) are opening up in drives.

As always, your 9jachic does not shy away from such stories……

About two weeks ago to be precise, some friends and I were discussing the Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner story….its impact and the revolutionary wave it is creating….we were hanging out and so alcoholic beverages were also being downed. This discussion led to people sharing their personal experiences with same sex…..One of my friends who was in town (I was actually hanging out because of her) decided to share her story (I know …I know….I have her permission to share this).

It started when we were in school (we had attended the same secondary school….an all girls’ school)….My bunkmate (who was then in ss2) and I became close friends and we’d often talk about guys….she was having problems with her boyfriend and I was just a listening ear….someone she could share her innermost thoughts with. I must have proved to be a good support because we got to laying together in the same bed, nothing strange just hanging out and talking”. This actually happened a lot in my school….lots of girls, often shared beds without being sexual.

“A few times we cuddled which slowly became regular and I must say, I enjoyed the physical closeness. One of these times, her hand went under my shirt and rubbed my belly….though I was a little freaked out, I honestly did enjoy it. The first time she went as far as the bottom of my breasts, I told myself if she went any further, I would object. However, I started looking forward to her soft touches….one night just before we went on mid-term break, we laid together to gist just like we usually would and she started recounting how she was not looking forward to going home because she did not want to see her boyfriend. I reached out to give her a comforting cuddle and her hands mistakenly grazed my nipples…it was electric….and I immediately recoiled. She didn't stop though…her fingers crept back to my breasts…and the rest we can say is history”.

What do you mean history? I asked…..I had to get the real details clarified oooo

She smiled and said “Babe you too like gist” …and continued….”For the rest of the year, we continued to seek for any possible corners to touch each other’s breasts….(I was still too shy to try anything further….because well….I was still a virgin…before now, no one has ever touched me like that).

Throughout her final year (She was a prefect, so had more attention on her), we never got past this level. However, on her final day in school, she invited me to her corner (that’s what we called bed space in my school)….as we were no longer bunk mates. She gave me a light feathery kiss on my lips (she tasted like banana...I can still remember) and told me not to be nervous (truth be told I really wasn't...I have been craving to take our little “thingy” a step further…but just didn't know how to)…..she kissed me again…this time with open mouth and I kissed back. It was soft, sensual and beautiful. She took her top off first and helped me take mine off…she laid me down and hugged me so tight….I felt a warm buzz all around me. She gently lowered her breasts to my mouth….but I wasn't sure what to do or exactly how to get it right…and I think she sensed this…she then leaned in and tickled my breast with her lips….I was feverish with the feeling…she continued to suckle on my breasts while grinding down on me…and before long I orgasmed.

After this happened, I quickly got up and left her bed….the next day, I did not come out to say my final good byes….As the years went by, I got letters from her but never replied…..I am not sure if I was guilty or just plain scared….whatever it was, I never got to see her again until 2 years ago at our school reunion get-together.

By now, we were both married ….she saw me first and screamed my name across the room…rushing to me and hugging me tightly. She started talking of how it’s been a long time, how she missed school, talking about her present life, her kids, hubby, work bla bla…as if we never had this experience. I let her go on and on…and at the end of the day, we exchanged numbers but have never spoken again.

I have never been able to get over this because it was well…my first sexual experience….I truly can’t say if I feel I was wronged ( I was just barely 13)….or if I contributed to the experience. All I can say is, it has been weighing on me (especially since I saw her)….and I do feel relieved sharing this with you guys”

Wow…so you are bisexual? I asked, (she is married, so I can’t say lesbian now can I?) 

Hahahahah you eh!! She laughed…. Hmmm the truth is that, I sometimes find myself attracted to some girls…but I have never done anything about it since school.

Phew!! After hearing this story, your 9jachic  knew she had to come out of her long hiatus and share this story….well probably because I know a lot of people may be able to relate (if they are honest enough), and also because people like gists like this and well I couldn't help it jare.

P/S: I have been asking her to tell me which senior this is, but she is yet to tell me....I may have to get her drunk if  that’s what it would take to get that info out….. *thinking*

So darls, feel free to share your similar experiences…lol…. you can be anonymous!


  1. I have a similar story

  2. Go jor, it wasn't even you

  3. Very nice read. Was almost getting a hard on going thru it. U write well.....and yeah, u've been off for way too long

  4. These things happen and still happen

  5. I was a bit turned on...was that the purpose? I mean we all love lesbians right?

  6. Nice blog. How do I know this ain't your own story?

  7. Amazing!!! felt like I was there, watching... LOL

  8. uhm.. Pulsating. . I bet almost everyone with the benefit of hindsight will agree that s/he had done something in the past that is ??????. enjoyed the memoir

  9. Lesbian Magnet23 June 2015 at 20:30

    I receive alot of sms from strangers begging me to be their lesbian patner. ..that one na normal gist sef.
    one anonymous cried on d phone that she cant sleep thinking of me����. they know me but i dnt knw them.
    it ended when my husb startd calling them to quit callinh his wife.��������

  10. Very interesting read. So many thots specially since we went to the same sch. ...trying to decode lol jk

    Okay first off this senior in my opinion manipulated the 13 year old. Your first sexual encounter is very defining for most girls, talk more of a 13 year old.

    This was a turning point in your friend's sexual identity. It's also obvious that though she was confused at the beginning her vivid description of the experience shows that she probably still relishes and treasures that memory.

    I pray she can find satisfaction in her husband and for God to give her freedom from desires for any other regardless of sexual orientation

  11. Wao. Interesting.So many things like that happen in single sex school and mixed sex also. God will help the lady.