Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I was curious about you.....

It has never been important to me that I make a conscious choice to become a birth parent and I have never been one to dream or pray to be one...therefore, when I decided to go through with my pregnancy, I had to fight a lot of thoughts on the forthcoming responsibilities.

One of the major steps I took, was, I decided to write a letter to my baby to welcome her because I noticed that the closer I got to my due date, the more my thoughts were turning inward....I was beginning to focus on the center of my universe more than ever before.

So rather than sharing some recent happenings, your 9jachic has decided to share a part of her is refreshing to know that this blog gives me an avenue to do so.....anyway, here goes my letter to my baby...way before she was born.....time indeed flies ..its exactly a year ago!

Nwa m,

Its 26th March, 2013...a Tuesday Morning...I am currently looking out of my office window...listening to Banky W's "unborn child" ...and thinking of you.

You are only 25 weeks old (or so the doctors say) ...I feel you move in me, feel you turn, feel you yearn for me ...and my heart wells up with so much love for you!

I am scared that I may not be doing something right but the little I can, I strive to adhere (like lying down only on my left hand side ....[though it hurts]...and not drinking soda or alcohol) 

I know for sure you are going to be a blessing to me..indeed you already are! I have already witnessed how much favour you will bring me..I only need to ask the Lord and it happens.

Yes, though I can't wait to have you in my arms, I can't help but break sweat thinking...."I am bring you into a world plagued with pedophiles, child rapists, greed and wickedness...and though I can't promise to shield you from it all, I can only promise to teach and guide you (in the Lord's way) all I know, to prepare you for what life has to offer.

Yes I can't wait to love you...hold you..and show you how much you mean to own baby! I will fight for you till my dying days....all I will do and say towards you will be put of genuine love for you (though you may not feel so at times)

I'm curious about you.

I hope in the end, I would have done right by you...teaching you God's words and by deed! In the end, my darling, I would like to share these with you.....

ALWAYS put God first and fear Him. He truly exists and will be there for you in all circumstances
NEVER treat people wickedly! Show love to friends, strangers and foes.
Hard work PAYS!
Failure is a stepping stone for SUCCESS...If you fail or fall, get up, dust it off and start again (that's Grand Dad's story...learn from it!)
If you BELIEVE, go for it.... NEVER relent!
NEVER let anyone make you feel are a GEM! and will always be LOVED!!!

All of me,

So pray tell....has anyone of you written similar letters to your children before they were born? What were the things you wrote about? Was it an easy experience writing to your unborn child? And what impact do you think your letter will have on your child as he or she reads it later?


  1. Touching. Love it. God continue to bless and keep her. May he provide such joy as dis to those who seek it.

  2. Beautiful words! I'll start on mine right away...I hope, GOD bless and keep you both.

  3. Very lovely, I kept a journal when I was carrying my first baby. Droped some few lines 4 d second baby but not as comphrehensive as the first. Make sure u keep this for your lovely daughter. She will really love it. .

  4. Awwww love love love it! You are such a loving mom!!!! I am very sure your daughter will appreciate it!!!

  5. Lovely letter. God bless your dear heart and help you fulfill all you want to in His will for her

  6. Love is life!!!
    Prayer births!!!
    Lessons of the universe...

  7. I wrote a poem for my first daughter when she was born in 2000. Sadly I lost her in 2004 due to complications from cerebal palsy. Happily I've got 3 healthy kids and expecting a fourth anytime from now. The joys of motherhood are amazing even though the pains it brings sometimes.

    1. I am sorry. Can not wait to get my own child. This story is too touching.