Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My little bunny, smoochie, puppy, cuddly girl is here

Wowsers...its over a year since your 9jachic made a post!!

Like seriously!!

Apologies to my followers, ardent readers and dear friends.

This has got to change...new year resolution...make a post a month!! (minimum)

There is always something to share so why haven't this blog been filled?

Oh well..let's start from the most recent gist.....your 9jachic just had a baby...the cutest, cuddliest, prettiest little munchkin ever! *eyelashes*

Having her has been a wonderful experience..everyday is a life lesson (She's 7months now btw). I will share every little step with you and hope you make comments to share with me your experiences too. This means I may have to retract and share pregnancy tales, birthing tales and postpartum gists.

Yeah..I know ... your favorite 9jachic blog on  real life girl issues is now going to be a baby mama blog..well yeah..sorta...that is what 'she' is now, so let's make it as real as ever.

In addition, I will share my munchkin's favorite things and events too...so its going to be 9jachic and her munchkin from now on

This is a pic of her...don't u just love!


  1. Love your blog girl! You keep it real!!! And your baby is tres cute:-)

  2. cute baby...... like the name of your blog!

  3. The realest 9ja chiq i ever met

  4. Yaayyy 9ja chic is bak & not alone. Aahh indeed d beautiful ones hve bn born..muaah. Keep it coming gurlie