Thursday, 3 May 2012

Indecisive....Heart or Heat?? HELP!!

Friends with benefits, no strings attached, part-time boyfriend, one-night stand, fling, hook-up, booty call, last call, quickie find, banger, safe house , sex loco…….I could have lived with any of that….
....but NO!!…he seduced me with a pure voice, sent me messages designed to weaken steel, called me at odd hours, spoke kind words, and stroked my hair to lower my guard, to make me trust him!  He sullied my body, my voice, my heart; remade me as a terrifying love monster;  turned me into his companion……got me day dreaming…thinking of being whisked away…......breaking down all my guards….oh your 9jachic was falling…falling faster and faster….looking but not seeing……..
That’s my head talking now!
I am not averse to love..oh no I am not!.. but yeah….I am not an advocate either.
Some girls are lucky to blink and meet their soul mates in a whiff, while some are lucky to find love in hopeless places.
Those like me, however, know that we can’t rest in hopelessness enough to find love…he has to hold us down intellectually, make us laugh at the silliest things, melt us with surprises……so I dare say..hopeless place? …certainly not for me!
*yawns* …so back to this guy…Girls, you know how these things work, you go hanging out …looking for fun…for some airy flights and instead, you find a solid brick, something at the top of your wishlist, which you have pushed to the bottom due to its near non-existence.
Yeah…we (9jachic and this mystery guy) met, danced all night, talked till the early morning birds came out to roost, sang, teased, laughed, kissed and danced all over again.
With deep rooted feet, your 9jachic knew this has to be for a season, designed to end soon…he must be after sex…or what else do they ever want?
But NO! You push and he pulls.....he resists …says….I want to make love to you…not have sex with you! I want to meet your every demand, to please you... there are so many things I wish I could do, so many surprises……I want to make you happy!” … know….all those words!
How can a girl fight that?
Difficult you may say…well..your 9jachic laughs at his words, talks about other possible guys and teases him of his other girls (existing or non-existing)!! 
Afterall, the Bible says…  Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”. So you certainly can’t blame me for trying!! I am only following the Bible’s words (guarding my heart) !!!
Yes….I can live with requests like …. let’s take it slow, fuck-buddies, hang-out partners, sex without commitment.……….It’s safer, it’s easier, it’s resistible….but when he comes stringing my heart along, there’s cause for concern…confusion… I just give in to the heat of the flesh or do I let go of my heart??

What to do???
What not to do??


  1. My first time here. Take a chance at love. It is the most wonderful feeling.

  2. The Cynic in me says there's more to this dude than meets the eye.....!!!You've been given fore warning....beware!!

  3. I love this. can't wait to see what people say to you. I will need them for myself too

  4. Sounds to me like you are scared.

  5. I think you should just follow your heart. Women have intuitive power that guides every decision they make. As for me gurl, flow with the rhythms from your heart.

  6. Horny, that's how I feel. Can not think. Hehehehehe

  7. please give in to your heart...what can i say i read it 3x and i'm loving it . wait o ur blog feels like matured M&B lol. well done! dear 9jachic please keep them coming...

  8. I feel you dear. A lotta guys these days ® shady. If he's stringing you along Ȋ̝̊̅†̥ will eventually show.I think you should D̶̲̥̅̊☺ some backgroud check on him. If he's genuine, go for Ȋ̝̊̅†̥ babe. The Ǥõõϑ ones ® hard †̥φ find. ß smart.

  9. D real me would say let ur guard down and let love happen. However, u really shld do a background check on him. He may b married. But it won't be bad to just relax and enjoy it while it lasts.

  10. happiness is rare and fleeting experience so may as well enjoy yasef...long as there's no girlfriend,wife or psycho ex-babe involved.

  11. MammothChopper4 May 2012 at 13:54

    Want only creates more want! Do ur sums and if it adds up, I would say go for it. A man let me into the secret of trying to pull girls, wch is the "Attack Attack approach(You push and he pulls); The Attack Retreat Approach; and The Retreat Retreat approach. Sure u understand what I mean 9jaChic.

  12. It is the mystery that disturbs you. See, you should probably fantasise less and talk more. Female hopes are most times delusions. I apologise for my candour. My name is grey.

  13. I sincerely don't fink its luv! Take off ur shoes n runnn as fast as u can! Wat am I evn sayin? He shud b long gone by now sef!

  14. Relax girl, enjoy it. It's your right to be treated as such. Savor every little bit of it. That is his sole purpose in this life. If it works out, fine. If it doesn't, take it in your stride. shebi you have enjoyed yourself?