Thursday, 19 April 2012

If he is eating, he has to pay!!!

As I seat here, I have had the song “Bottom Belle” on repeat over and over again.

Ok…for those living under the rock or well my non-Nigerian readers, “Bottom Belle” is a recent remix of a 60’s Nigerian highlife song by Omawumi and Flavour Nabania (Nigerian Musicians). It is basically based on the need for men to show their appreciation or love by “cooling the lady’s hearts”(offering actual gifts).

You may ask…So? What’s the story here?
Well…I can't go into details on the genesis of this outburst, as the wound is still sore for all the parties of my tale. I can only give a hint.. He is married with kids, she is single. He is "chopping" and not "dropping". She is vexed and gives an ultimatum...Pay or leave!

As usual, I can ascertain comments on this post may include calling names like “whore”, "ashi"… However, I can only say this: I totally agree with the lyrics of the song…(translated to mean … You tell me you love me, yet when I tell you to buy me niceties, you become stingy Omawumi's words…”ARADITE”...). Any man that claims he loves or cares has to able to prove this by showering me with gifts especially when I know you are not husband material!..Abi ..…what else can be in it for me?

I am not about to stutter about this…I am all for if he is eating, he has to pay!!!

Case closed!!!

Ok ….MURDER me...!!!


  1. What does she expect! She would have collected her gifts before giving him to chop,if she knew he was not marriage material. Who wins in this case? I think the man, as he's going to move on to another lady to chop again.I'm all for pay before chopping.

  2. Sometimes, what u 'chop' isn't worth paying for. Just saying...

  3. I totally agree with u Brown...I'd say that u can't expect 2 eat ur cake and have it.

  4. Short, Nice and controversial! That's all I am saying. Need to look for the Bottom Belle song on Youtube

  5. Its an unwritten rule joo, why him no go pay? & forthat mumu that says its may not be worth paying formake him go try am for Chopsticks! Mssssstttttiiieewwww!

  6. Even if d chop don rotten,one gas to pay after ordinary touching.