Tuesday, 13 December 2011

To HELL with it...and them!!!

Oh to hell with it!
That's exactly what I have said to myself over and over again whenever I think of my increasing butt size (and we are talking about twice of Beat FM Toolz'). And to think it I don’t guzzle down a pot of meal every hour (and please don't ask me the size of the pot!).

I am one of those girls (and here I am talking about normal people....*rolling eyes*) who look better with clothes on..well..that's what I tell myself and that's what I pride in ….but when I stop looking good in these dresses...ISSUES!


So I said to myself…we have to come up with a solution for these tighter clothes, and flabbier tummy..... so, we tried…different things at that.

Here's a list of the things your 9jachic has tried in the past three months...

1. Green World: I joined the Band wagon when my sister and friends kept raving about it and in my usual way splurged on it...I bought the green pills, capsules, tea…with funny names like Chitosan, Pro Slim (like it would be anti) and Spirulina.

With names like those I should have smelt a fish!

Anyway, I saw myself drinking warm water in the morning with up to 5 different pills and capsules as if I was an 80 year old woman trying to hold on to one more year of life! *phew* …and the pills were horrific!

After three diligent weeks, I climbed the scale hopeful that I would see results even when my clothes said otherwise…and what do I see?...Ur 9jachic has added 2kg!!! HA!! Murder!!!

2. Edmark: The same list of ridiculous products including Shake Off Phyto Fiber, Ginseng Coffee and Red Yeast Coffee. ..well, honestly, this one, I saw results ‘cos I stopped feeling hungry …but then…after a time I started reeling of coffee and weird stench from these tea thingy…KMT!

3. Water/ Liquid Fast (or I would say..Starvation): This one lasted for 2 days…I was supposed to live on water and liquid alone…seriously pple that come up with these things must have their heads turned around..Well...like I said…it lasted for 2 days…and it included alchohol..so I guess I didn’t lose anything…Can U blame me? It said liquid..alcohol has to count ..right?

4. Exercise and dance classes: Two colleagues started hounding me on the need to stop cutting corners and go with them for exercise and dance classes…after my many well cultivated excuses, I started three weeks ago….and ….yes…I see result…I have lost 4kg already..YIPEE!!! and I really do feel better…. I have gone a step further to buy myself a new pair of running shoes and elliptical bike which I try to use religiously (well twice a week)

So …to hell with these FAD weight loss programs…I am doing it the old fashioned way with a goal to lose 20kg by January ending!

Keep a date with yours’ truly…and U know how we do it…truthful recount! See you all on the other side.

P/S: My holiday plan is to Gambia….I hear it’s a Rasta city....well hung men, green grass, clear blue sky and lush friendly people…juicy stories on my return…


  1. This is not to demotivate you oh, but I started the exercise thing too... i was outta town and at a hotel and didn't want to gain, and i didn't.. unfortunately i didn't lose either, so i kinda lost motivation.
    Funny thing is, i stopped paying so much attention to what i was eating - started eating bread (with butter!), and THEN i lost 2kg..

  2. if you can believe a biochemist turned banker>>> Understand and Control your body metabolism... Only then have you discovered how to control weight loss or gain. I've always known the green phenomenon is absolute BULLS. Know the kind of food you eat and its calorific values, shape your diet to be healthy and one that reduces high calorific intake. exercise more (dance is good exercise) and more importantly learn to say NO to you...Not all the stomach desires should find its way to your mouth...mount a TOLL plaza there (No lorries, trucks, bulldozers)

  3. @Anonymous 2: Seriuosly..*rolling eyes* if it was that easy to say NO!( and the way U even made it sound)..I would have been a size 0...the truth about it is..my head and heart says NO...my mouth guzzles it down!

  4. I have gone through all these. I think I am destined to be a fattie.