Friday, 30 September 2011


Every boy/ guy claims to be a pro satisfier.
They think they have what it takes to make a girl feel blissful.

Well hung, Masters!

Just recently...(yesterday to be precise) I had this friend tell me (via blackberry): "Try me first na...U will cry! (Seriously, like any girl would want  to cry after...!!).

It doesn't end there oo..He continued...."I can lick for hours...even chew gently and swallow" (ewww!). "Some wild tiger stuff!"..And to make it even more ridiculous, he goes ahead and asks me ..."Am I sounding randy?" ...Seriously Peeps..this is the pinnacle of #stupidquestions if you ask me!

I feel horrible I am bringing out a personal conversation with a very great friend (sorry darl) but U know I had to share this to make guys out there understand that these wild talks about your prowess, does not make any girl yearn for U!

That I can assure U!!

We like to have the guy who has understated skill, less bravado words..more sensual, sensitive words (I don't mean mushy unbelievable love-struck poem-like words)...those make us yearn.

They build up strong deep desires and even make us appreciate U more!

Girls...I speak for y'all don't I?


  1. 9jachic U are back again. and may I say, as always you are right on point. love you

  2. Saying they praise themselves is nothing compared with when they keep doing something they think is right over and over and over again. And infact, the act may hurt. men na wa jare. welcome back babe. Don't take long breaks like this again.

  3. Funny stuff! Sounded like he's been yearning to have it but you never had discussions close to such matter before and he needed a convincing pitch. You know what they say about estimating your audience. He got it wrong. I tell you for sure there are times such pitching works but it was a poor estimation by him of the audience. I am a guy, so i can tell. I hope he checks this comment. contact bukiez for tutorials on how not to gauge your 'partner'. Lol.

  4. Oh well, I won't share anything with you again.