Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Share with me!

It’s been a bit yeah?

So much has gone by....
So much tears...
So much laughter...
So much to tell you about...

I would love to know your views on the presumed May 21, 2011 Judgement day/ End of the world but I guess that’s not what y'all come here for...

I would love to rant and rave about the useless put up of Arsenal FC and the Manager Wenger in the last 6 weeks ....but, I won't go into that ..Hurts too much!

I would also definitely love to have talked a bit on the recently concluded Nigerian election..the ups and downs, tears and know ...just mess about!...but NAH..Not this page

Or even discuss the on-going Big brother Africa housemates and the AMPLIFIED whattagwan happening in there..but yet again NO! Bella Naija is doing a good job blogging daily about it

And yes before I forget, I would also love to tell you about my experience of Fela in Lagos..but I guess it’s too stale now to rouse it up...

So we will just talk about what all girls really care about.........

............What? U really waiting to see it written down?.....Like you don't know already *eyes rolling*

I just got back from Abuja...and boy! It’s a totally different world out there.

Girls…. U know how Lagos guys check you out first, put up some swag act and come up to you asking about your  bb, drink, favorite club, the book you are holding or something like that...just to get it rolling!

Well...the Abuja guy is not like that at all!!!
No way!
'He' doesn't waste any time at all with those swags...
'He' certainly doesn't believe it’s necessary
'He' oogles at you for like an hour ( like you are a large ripe banana, practically tearing off the skin off your back with his eyes..and his mind's hands) ..struts up to you...and...(don't ask me where?)...asks you what it will cost!!!

Really?  (You must ask)

Yes! Seriously!

I certainly won't bore you with any 'holier than thou' action taken, if any, after these occurrences, I just want to understand why they are created that way.
Don't get me wrong..Some Lagos boys can be crude too....but ...that's like one in a zillion..and even when you  really have 'something' to sell, they actually don't prejudge...

So yeah back to my Abuja boy (guy) ...
Before I forget,..incase  you don't have an idea what your average Abuja big boy is ( and I am talking BIG BOY) ..

Picture this:
A new black (most probably) expensive looking jeep/ sports car ...( CHECK)
Age range....Late 30's to Late 50's..(or probably a bit more..) (CHECK)
Physical appearance ...Slightly Overweight (and yeah that’s true..they are not that bad) , married looking ( this is the exact opposite of Lagos  boys who strive to keep a young carefree look...) (CHECK) we got that out of the way, you now wonder why they think they need to impress you with money before they are allowed to start up a conversation.

Is it that they have way too much? ( Awoof Government/ Contract money?)
Is it that they recognise they don't have anything to offer except their money?  (Not Deep enough? already hooked?..blah blah?)
or Is it that the Abuja girls themselves are to blame?
Letting themselves be priced up by these guys....
Giving the guys the impression that it starts and ends with the highest bidder....


I leave you to ponder on it and share with me....

I hope you do!



  1. This is funny, appalling and a tad annoying to both the men and the ladies...Mixed emotions...But most of all funny...

    It must be a jungle out there for men to be bidding and placing a figure on women...Can't a girl just hang out with her mates without the oogles and ....

  2. This happens a lot in Naija. I guess it is safe to say Abuja rules

  3. @ 9ja chic, I love how you’re able to highlight some of the thoughts that run through ‘some’ of our heads on your blog. I had the same experience, a long time ago, in Abuja. He stared {ogled  } at me all night. I stepped out to use the restroom….guess was waiting for me outside as I made my way back into the club? That’s when he asked what it would cost? I was horrified……. I don’t think this ish goes down only in Abuja, I’m sure it does in other parts of the country – Even though it’s only happened to me in ABJ . Btw, did I mention I was about 17/18 years old when this happened? MEN OH!!!!!!!!!

    9ja chic, please keep the posts coming – love ‘em

  4. Its the same world,same vice everywhere. It has nothing to do with gender, age,race,or education. We all manifest the instinct to get what we want. The lag guy may make a 6 month program, the abj guy may buy it in one night while mr.khan may want it forcefully in a flash of bestial inspiration. Hey, what about the babe. She may even destroy a home to have a go at it. For me consent is the issue be it financially induced or not. ....... Bukiez

  5. Abuja! aaaaaaaaa. I have to go there ooo.

  6. Why do I have the impression that you fell for one or more of them?

  7. If a guy asks you 'how much' the first time he meets you on the street, then he thinks you are a hooker. I'm guessing you met those guys while you were walking the streets of Abuja in your skimpy dress, and shaking your richly endowed body provocatively. When you hang out at unholy hours of the night in indecent dresses, then you can't blame the guys who price you like Akara.

    The Abuja guys are used to seeing more 'Ninjas' flying in and out of the city to grab their shares of the 'National cake'. So when they meet a Ninja, they go straight to the point.