Thursday, 14 April 2011


Babe: * Walks in from the ladies*
Man: * Draws close to her* … You didn’t call again?
Babe: *Looks at Man and registers no recognition*….Huh?
Man: * Moving closer*… You didn’t call again?
Babe: * Looks at Man again, bewildered*..Are you talking to me?
Man: *Draws very very close, with a snigger* …What’s your number again?

Yes peeps ..that was a pick up line….*smh*
Happened to yours sincerely and to make matters worse the guy had the nerve to hiss when I finally turned away from him realizing his ploy.
*Mscheeww..with his mouth odour !!!!*
Y didn’t a “HAWT bloke with swagger” try that on me?
I would have said stuff like…call? ..Of course I did..I also sent U an IM, Pinged U, Tweetted ur name.. wrote on your face book wall…and whatever else new technology there is!! (LOL…ok that’s outrageous..but I may not have been so quick to turn away)

But hey back to our talk…
Is it just me or have they (the blokes) lost all ‘grace’ in chatting us up?
Where has fabulous lines like…. "Why does it feel like the most beautiful girl in the world is in this room?" ..gone
Or even Cute ones like ….”Hello, how are you? [Fine] Hey, I didn't ask you how you looked! (sure made me laugh when It was used on me)

Or maybe the truth about this is just that we gals respond to these lines based on who used it on us
Biased to the hotter looking ones…hmmmm!!
As usual I didn’t want to answer this myself…I went around asking for opinions.

FRIEND 1: I try not to be rude to people ‘cos you never know. But my reaction will defer depending on looks..If he was my spec, I will laugh and hope he follows up with introductions…If not however, I will give a polite smile and turnaway.

FRIEND 2: It doesn’t matter how he looks, If I had my way I will just SLAP the guy or just ignore. (but erm…if He was really hot, I will refresh!)

FRIEND 3: My response would depend on if he pleases my eye.  It truly would.

FRIEND 4: Let him use the worst line ..”U just fell from heaven looking like an angel.” ….If he’s HAWT..He’s IN!

FRIEND 5: I will most probably blank him BUT if looked like my dream man I will just tell him STOP..Don’t say anything for a while

So there guys… same takes. And in case U are wondering, …I have been a naughty and biased girl.

My longest relationship started with a chessy line….....He came up to me… You see my friend over there? [Point to friend] He wants to know if YOU think I'M cute” ….and well… I thought he was..and the rest is history.

So yeah blokes…BRING ON THE LINES…but do some polishing and prepping too…We will only forgive the tackiness if U got the SWAG to go with it.


  1. Very funny...Bring on the good lines guys...Or be a tad inventive with the old lines...Can't stop laughing at the guy with such a horrific pick up line...

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  3. 9jachic. You gone done it again. BIG UPS!

  4. Good lines? Sounds like O-B-A-M-A!! Does it really matter? Ladies, don't miss the point and the real guy. By the way, 9jachic, how do you get me smiling anytime i read you!

  5. Nice one babe....Thumb up!

  6. Which girl will eva say she minds lines. I agree, bring on the lines guys. Now you are making me read all your posts