Friday, 8 April 2011


Welcome peeps,

This is my first if U are reading this.....* A BIG HUG*

I have recently cried out to people around me that I have got this itch!!!
Yeah ITCH! *rolling eyes*
Living in Lagos, U can't walk up to the next guy and try getting him to bed and not be seen as a slut!
So how does a girl get some?
Don't get me wrong...there's loads and loads of offerings...
But girl *wink* U know what I mean, when I say...NAH!!!
We want some but not ANY!
So go lay ur goose egg somewhere else..LOSER!

Back to my gist abeg...
Talked to three girl friends and they all had different opinions (and here peeps..I am QUOTING)!!:

FRIEND 1:  "Laff, I feel you...Find someone to f*** now"
FRIEND 2:  "I am with U on that ...been looking for..but casual sex ain't worth the I stay without"
FRIEND 3: "Only? There are enough randy sideways men in Naija..."

Their responses made me think..really think...are 9ja girls now giving up?

Have we resigned ourselves to the recent crop of men who just don't bother to woo us anymore?

The married men who take us to a movie, buy us food and drinks (which they will participate in), and probably get in a few thousands worth of itty bitty and then expect us to lay down with our legs flying around for them to sow their seeds and go back home to their wives?

The single guys who think they are doing you a favor by agreeing to come around..." Hey, guess what I will be coming around to yours...I have been horny.."  Yes peeps ..seriously..that was a real life conversation!!!!!

Where has the romance gone?
That feeling of desire, that build up, that anticipation to just see him again..just to talk, hold his hands, know him, please him (not by sex!!)?!
I miss that...
I truly do...

I have an ITCH!!!!..a SERIOUS ITCH!!!


  1. OMG. This just talked to me. I love you 9jachic.

  2. Wooing disappeared with the so called "Westernization". This was accompanied by the beleive that everything in life has a price tag. So if you can pay for love, why go hunting for it? Sad enough right? On a lighter mood, there are still men out there that still want to hunt rather than 'pay' for it. By the way, I still woo.

  3. Men are not to blame here. We want these things too but then the ladies are without virtue.
    They have lost it.

  4. Love your blog...Men feel they are doing women a favour, but I think the itch feeling is mutual...Way to go girl...

  5. It is a "fast food" world we live in now, so I feel your itch. There are still peeps who believe in investing in love/romance, but the search could be miserable. Also may be the ladies are too fast about what they can get from it- marriage, money, sex, ....whatever.

  6. May be if guys get to know that ladies have their virtues back (like it used to be back in the days) then the rest will set in naturally. Ladies shouldn't appear to the next guy as if he were your last; we crave for a woman with self respect any day. Don't have a fling or get laid by a guy and expect to a romantic-Cinderella kind of affair. If you've fallen for him don't show it. Men will respect you if you respect yourself. Don't expect a guy to respect you after a one-night stand if he picks you up from a club or a public place where cheap-loose people hang out. If you want romance, be the romance; and if you want to play, be the player...your choice basically